>>> On 21.09.16 at 13:38, <ian.jack...@eu.citrix.com> wrote:
> Jan Beulich writes ("Re: [PATCH v4 10/21] acpi/hvmloader: Link ACPI object 
> files directly"):
>> On 21.09.16 at 13:29, <ian.jack...@eu.citrix.com> wrote:
>> > I think `.dummy' would be a better string, if indeed it's a string
>> > which we expect always to be stripped, and not to appear in any
>> > filenames.
>> Another (currently later, but I'd prefer it to be moved ahead)
>> patch uses this for actual temporary files.
> OK, then I don't understand what's wrong with ".tmp" ...

So did I think when looking at the patch, but then I also thought
(at least until I saw that actual files get created with that suffix)
that it doesn't really matter. Boris?


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