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> xencomm is the ppc infrastructure to do hypercalls with guest physical
> addresses instead of virtual address.
> Because ia64 should also use physicall address, I think it's better to re-use
> the ppc code and to put into common code.
> I'd propose to submit this patch is every part is OK (ie no NAK).
> This patch creates include/xen/xencomm_access.h which is to be included by
> asm/guest_access.h.  It also creates common/xencomm.c which is compiled only
> if HAS_XENCOMM is y in Rules.mk.

Fine in principle. Specific comments:
 * powerpc should be cleaned up at the same time to use the common
infrastructure. I don't want duplicated code hanging around in arch/powerpc
 * The code you add to common/ should obey the coding style of other files
in that directory
 * Arguably we should have an asm-generic for the xencomm guest-access
macros. That's a Linux-ism which I think fits well in this particular case.

 -- Keir

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