Le Jeudi 24 Août 2006 03:44, Isaku Yamahata a écrit :
> Hi Tristan.
> Since I looked the patch very roughly, I might be wrong and parania though.
> xencomm_copy_from_guest(), xencomm_copy_to_guest() converts
> address, then acessses a page.
> The Xen/IA64 P2M table is lockless so that the page can be freed
> by another cpu and used for other purpose at the same time.
> (Actually such a guest behaviour doesn't make sense, but possible.)
> get_page()/put_page() are necessary to prevent such a situation.
> Actually Xen/IA64's vcpu_get_domain_bundle() and
> efi_translate_domain_addr() do it.
Ok, I have to add get_page/put_page.
Thank you for the comment.


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