As a new ConVirt/Xen user I am having trouble creating my first DomU image.

I have a newly installed CentOS 5.2 system and followed the
instructions in an older email on this list to setup ConVirt.

I've provisioned a new Xen server from ImageStore-> General ->

I start the newly provisioned server, connect to the console and see
the CentOS installation start.

The problem is that I cannot get beyond "Installation Method", the
running virtual server doesn't seem to "see" the DVD drive nor the
hard disk.  I have the CentOS 5.2 iso on the Dom0 hard drive and the
dvd in the dvd drive, I can use either, but I've not been able to find
instructions or other information as what configuration changes I need
to make so that the DomU can "see" either installation media.

Any help would be appreciated.,


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