Niklaus Giger wrote:
Am Freitag, 26. Mai 2006 15:52 schrieb Jan Kiszka:
Niklaus Giger wrote:    ...
If anybody has a working target with a Xenomai + BusyBox combination and
would be willing to test drive my changes, I would appreciate a feedback

I hope this isnt waiting on my 'approval'.
I think its a great idea, and has been on my (way too stagnant) list for a while.
Your work has at least urged me to install busybox on my xeno-box. ;-)

My only concern is whether we've sufficiently distinguished the issues:

1 - ash vs bash

Its not entirely clear to me which flavors of sh busybox has:
    ash / dash / not-bash
I gather u worked with ash, and it seems most valuable sh features
work there just fine ( shell-functions, even 'job-control' of a fashion)

2 - busybox 'executables' only

I coded in a lot of 'full linux' gimme's, like zgrep, script, etc.
Niklaus has repaired many of these. I think a more thorough cleanup is possible, esp if things like 'script' are jettisoned for a simpler shell-functions or helper scripts.
This all implies a re-write, which is on my list...
(esp the job-control testing and repair)

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