I use an Intel Pentium 4 processor which can be used as 2 virtual
processors when setting the SMP option during the kernel compiling (I can
see 2 processors with "cat /proc/cpuinfo").

I patched the kernel with adeos in order to install xenomai. I discovered
that :
- when completely disabling the ACPI and setting the SMP, my system boots
but I have only one processor when I look into /proc/cpuinfo
- Everything goes well when I don't disable completely the ACPI.

I also use a PCI framegrabber. its driver is a real time one developed
under xenomai. I noticed that this driver works fine only if the PCI_MSI
is set. Otherwise, I don't have any interrupts.

I must use my real time driver and the 2 virtual processors.
But, when I enable the ACPI, the SMP and the PCI_MSI, I have a kernel
panic. My PC boots when I disable the ACPI but I loose 1 processor.

I don't see what's wrong.

Thanks for your help,


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