the new Xenomai example repository has been created. I don't want to
repeat here what is explained already on the related wiki page, please
have a look at


Instead, let me sketch what could be done next:

 o Port existing examples, snippets, demos from ksrc/skins/* over, make
   them compilable and runnable if required.

 o Identify what kind of examples are lacking. You, the user, is needed
   here. What do *you* think is missing, what would be helpful to show?

 o Check what is needed to compile kernel-based examples over PPC 2.4.
   Philippe indicated that some switches are likely missing (x86 is fine
   already, other archs are 2.6-only).

 o Regarding RTDM: driver patterns would be nice. Someone (who I don't
   recall ATM, sorry) once posted a template for a PCI driver. Feel
   invited to repost an updated version. Any further suggestion or ready
   code is welcome as well.


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