Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> On 10/24/07, Philippe Gerum <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> ROSSIER Daniel wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I've found a bug in arch/arm/xenomai/switch.S which solved the problem 
>>> below. It actually comes from the iWMMXT (Intel Wireless MMX) coprocessor 
>>> which is an extension of the ARM core in Xscale processor (and of course 
>>> which is not available in the AT91 series ;-).
>>> When a thread switch occurs, rthal_thread_switch(in 
>>> arch/arm/xenomai/switch.S) is called to perform switching of registers and 
>>> stacks between threads. The PXA version must also perform a switch of MMX 
>>> registers by invoking iwmmxt_task_switch(in arch/arm/kernel/iwmmxt.S). This 
>>> is done in rthal_task_switch() as well.
>>> However, between Linux 2.6.15 and Linux 2.6.20, the general scheme of 
>>> low-level task switching procedure changed a little bit: it is now relying 
>>> on a call chain notifier-based mechanism. Therefore, the 
>>> iwmmxt_task_switch() function has been updated since the function is called 
>>> now from the notifier, and not directly from  __switch_to() as in 2.6.15. 
>>> And the ipipe (ARM) patch did not take into account that.. and it fails.
>>> So, as a first workaround, I simply duplicated the iwmmxt_task_switch() 
>>> function making the version (from 2.6.15) proprietary to ipipe by renaming 
>>> to iwmmxt_task_switch_from_ipipe(), and modified arch/arm/xenomai/switch.S 
>>> accordingly (be careful, switch.S is a symlink and actually belongs to 
>>> Xenomai tree (ksrc/arch/arm).
>>> It seems to work so far, but further tests are needed (and will be done).
>>> I attached a patch to be applied in the (xenomai-patched) Linux tree.
>>> (Linux 2.6.20, xenomai from today svn).
>> Task switching is not I-pipe's business, and we should refrain from
>> recycling code from older kernel versions into recent ones. AFAICS, we
>> only need to conform to some new internal API. Food for thought below:
>> --- ksrc/arch/arm/switch.S      (revision 3095)
>> +++ ksrc/arch/arm/switch.S      (working copy)
>> @@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
>>   */
>>  #include <linux/linkage.h>
>> +#include <linux/version.h>
>>  #include <asm/assembler.h>
>>  #include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
>> @@ -86,7 +87,13 @@
>>      VFPFMXR FPEXC, r4
>>  #endif
>>  #if defined(CONFIG_IWMMXT)
>> +    mr      r0, r2
>>      bl      iwmmxt_task_switch
>> +    mr      r2, r0
>> +#else
>> +    bl      iwmmxt_task_switch
>> +#endif
>>  #elif defined(CONFIG_CPU_XSCALE)
>>      add     r4, r2, #40                     @ cpu_context_save->extra
>>      ldmib   r4, {r4, r5}
> By greping THREAD_NOTIFY_SWITCH there appear to be other functions
> which should be called upon task switch.

It looks like per-platform/per-feature stuff. In any case we can't iron
the notifier loop (and the leaf code called) to make it usable in
primary mode. So I'm afraid we likely need to deal with the few platform
dependent spots in our own switch code, since we know which
platform/feature we want to support.


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