Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Philippe Gerum wrote:
>> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>>> Well, this is practically your original version. I still don't see why
>>> we want debug code in production setups (WARN_ON, e.g., doesn't work
>>> this way either),
>> Do you actually leave CONFIG_IPIPE_DEBUG on in production setups?
> Not /me, but your patch drags in the the full warning message even
> without CONFIG_IPIPE_DEBUG - if I virtually apply the patch correctly.

Are you 100% sure of this?

>>> and I still don't understand why you want to report
>>> user faults as kernel bugs.
>> This is a red herring: we are currently in a situation where such
>> messages would be actual kernel issues because some APIs are sloppy wrt
>> kernel/user copies, this is the point.
>>> If you want to spot skin issues, just grep for __xn_copy_to/from_user or
>>> __xn_strncpy_from_user and check for missing return code evaluations.
>>> Really, that's nothing we need runtime checks in I-pipe for.
>> It's a _debug_ tool until everything is fixed, because we have loads of
>> APIs to fix for untested copy_from/to_user, and anything out-of-tree
>> code may have used the same way. It's merely a conditional and passive
>> check, far away from the hot path, which is there "just in case". The
>> same way you may run with the domain context checker enabled although
>> you may be reasonably confident that having some context mismatch still
>> hiding in the Xenomai core is currently unlikely -- but you know nothing
>> about what may be going on out-of-tree.
>> This feature is mainly aimed at API writers, not users. Additionally,
> If you want to support API writer: Let us tag __xn_copy* with
> __must_check - _that_ would be the right tool for pointing out remaining
> issues, not some runtime warning that a) only triggers if the user

What do you make of existing setups which will not upgrade to 2.4 in any
foreseeable future?

> stumbled over it and b) causes false positives for those skin which
> already behave nicely.

The only case I see which could bother you is this one: people arming
CONFIG_IPIPE_DEBUG because they are in development mode, and passing
deadly spurious arguments to a syscall for reading/writing memory. I'm
not exactly sure that their main problem would be the warning message
per-se, right?

Do you have any other illustration of so-called false positive I may
have missed?

>> not everyone is going to switch to 2.4 with the ironed kernel/user copy
>> code overnight, so we want this code in 2.6.20/x86 too, so that at
>> least, we may tell people to upgrade their I-pipe patch if need be, then
>> switch CONFIG_IPIPE_DEBUG on to trap those trivial issues, including
>> over past 2.3.x releases. At least, we could tell them how and where to
>> fix their code.
>> At worst, the message will never trigger because all bugous spots will
>> have been addressed within the skins during the next stable releases:
>> fine. Otherwise, we will have more information to chase such kind of bugs.
> Nope, it will trigger also after the skins are converted. This is what
> makes it inappropriate IMHO.

What's really inappropriate, is more likely to pass bugous pointers to a
syscall, I think.


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