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> Hi guys,
> full of energy after this tremendous first XUM, I would like to start a
> discussion about what people would like to see in the 2.5 branch.

So if we answer positively, we'll delay the release ? I'd rather get
2.5 out, and develop any new stuff on 2.6. I would also expect that
this list (or part of ) goes to xenomai-help too.

> Here is a first list, please feel free to criticize it:
> - signals in primary domain (something that we almost forgot)

I refrain from using signals in my apps. They only cause disaster when
using 3rd party libraries. Only Ctrl-C (quit) and debugger signals are
used, and a switch from primary to secondary is perfectly acceptable
in these two cases.

> - xnsynch_acquire using atomic_cmpxchg unconditionally (no #ifdefs)

This is too core for me.

> - statistics of all mapped named heaps in /proc/xenomai/heap

Don't use heaps since we do all in user space (and I had the
impression that heap was for kernel<->user.)

> - unwapped access to user-space posix skin methods

I wouldn't know why I need this. Do you we link with libpthread
instead of libpthread-rt ?

> - fast semaphores in user-space

I donn't know why I wouldn't need this.

> - syscall-less select ?

Since a syscall is not per-se bad (?) I also don't see what to win here.

> Actually, there are already a lot of things.
> So, what do you think?

I'm uttermost concerned with stability and to a lesser extent
performance. I regard every feature change as changing those two
criteria for the worse (unless its a feature that fixes a bug).

The kernel and libc are already a moving targets which influence
Xenomai, so we already have to cope with changes more than we want to.

Peter (non-authorative, non-developer)

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