> full of energy after this tremendous first XUM, I would like to start a
> discussion about what people would like to see in the 2.5 branch.

True, it was an great opportunity to see and talk to you guys.

Here is a first list, please feel free to criticize it:
- signals in primary domain (something that we almost forgot)

We don't need that immediately but I think it would be very
handy to have a standard method to register callbacks which are
called once a thread has been signalled and is scheduled.

- xnsynch_acquire using atomic_cmpxchg unconditionally (no #ifdefs)

Atomic operations are always good :)

- statistics of all mapped named heaps in /proc/xenomai/heap

That would be very handy from our point of view.

- unwapped access to user-space posix skin methods

We'r using native skin... so I can't say much about that.

- fast semaphores in user-space
- syscall-less select ?

I think, that'd be great. I think that'd help to decrease
the execution time significantly. I haven't told you yet, but I also
have managed to compile and run our Switch application in kernel
space. That decreased the access time to a shared hardware
resource protected by mutexes and using queues by 20% (avg.
access time was 270us in kernel-space instead of 330us in
user-space according to the histograms I generated).

Best regards,

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