Hi everybody,

  here is a quick first report on an issue that appeared with Xenomai 2.5.5 --- 
NOTE: 2.5.4 (and earlier) DOES NOT have this issue.

We run multiple real-time processes, synchronized by semaphores and 
interprocess communication using shared memory. All is cleanly implemented 
using the xenomai real-time functions, no mode switches. The different 
processes are distributed on different processors of our multi-core machine 
using rt_task_spawn() with the T_CPU directive. 

Up to version 2.5.4, this worked fine.

With version 2.5.5 (and, the processes hang after a few seconds of 
running (CPU consumption goes to zero), and usually one of them hangs so badly 
that it cannot be killed anymore with kill -9 -- thus reboot is required.

The problems happens on BOTH our i386 machine (Dell 8-core, ubuntu 9.04, kernel AND x86_64 machine (Dell 8 core, ubuntu 9.10, kernel Thus, 
this seems to be specific to the xenomai release 2.5.5 and higher.

No "dmesg" print-outs when this error occurs.

We will try to create a simple test program to illustrate the problem, but 
maybe the issue is already obvious to some of the experts on this list.

Best wishes,

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