Stefan Schaal wrote:
> Hi Philippe,
> thanks a lot for the hint. I configured my kernel from scratch, and
> got rid of the linux compile problems. I could thus verify that the
> commit you mentioned below DOES NOT have the problem I described,
> i.e., semaphores used by multiple processes which are running on
> different cores DID NOT hang anymore.
> Then, I thought I try to bisect the problem with git, and I pulled
> the latest version of the 2.5 repository. Interestingly, with the
> very latest commits, my problem has gone away. I confirmed this by
> switching back to Alexis' analogy branch, which I need for my
> development. This branch is not quite as up-to-date as the 2.5
> branch, and the hanging problem still exists. I merged the analogy
> branch with the latest 2.5 branch, and now nothing hangs anymore.
> I guess, I stop investigating at this point, unless the problem
> re-apprears.

2.5.6 should be out soon, which should allow you to avoid doing this.

But in the mean-time, you can probably merge the two branches, they
should be fairly orthogonal.


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