Hi Philippe,

  thanks a lot for the hint. I configured my kernel from scratch, and got rid 
of the linux compile problems. I could thus verify that the commit you 
mentioned below DOES NOT have the problem I described, i.e., semaphores used by 
multiple processes which are running on different cores DID NOT hang anymore.

   Then, I thought I try to bisect the problem with git, and I pulled the 
latest version of the 2.5 repository. Interestingly, with the very latest 
commits, my problem has gone away. I confirmed this by switching back to 
Alexis' analogy branch, which I need for my development. This branch is not 
quite as up-to-date as the 2.5 branch, and the hanging problem still exists. I 
merged the analogy branch with the latest 2.5 branch, and now nothing hangs 

  I guess, I stop investigating at this point, unless the problem re-apprears.

Thanks so much for you help!

Best wishes,


On Jan 5, 2011, at 7:53, Philippe Gerum wrote:

> On Wed, 2011-01-05 at 07:41 -0800, Stefan Schaal wrote:
>> HI Philippe,
>>  sorry, I must have mis-communicated. This was, of course, a xenomai commit 
>> that I tried, and the errors I sent you resulted when recompiling the linux 
>> kernel with this xenomai version.
> Those errors are not related to Xenomai, they happen on basic linux
> code. Make sure to work from a fresh build tree, using a proper
> toolchain. It looks like something is severely broken in your build env.
>> -Stefan
>> On Jan 5, 2011, at 6:07, Philippe Gerum wrote:
>>> On Sat, 2010-12-25 at 11:02 -0800, Stefan Schaal wrote:
>>>> 6a020f5
>>> I don't see how this messages could be related to Xenomai. I was
>>> mentioning a Xenomai commit, not a linux one. You should reset to this
>>> commit:
>>> commit 6a020f5a89955a42f1e03621ae6c63a587e9c75c
>>> Author: Philippe Gerum <r...@xenomai.org>
>>> Date:   Sat Aug 28 13:04:45 2010 +0200
>>>   nucleus, posix: use fast APC scheduling call
>>> -- 
>>> Philippe.
> -- 
> Philippe.

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