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Personnally, I tend to believe that nothing should happen on keydown of
modifiers. A flag should be set when a plain key is used in addition, so that
we know on release whether the modifier has been consumed, or deserves a
consideration of its own ; we don't need to handle repeat on those anyway, so I
don't see the point of doing otherwise

Now, and this is the real point of my post, not everyone seems to realize how
paramount this bug is.

I know at least one entire R&D ( who have opted for Windows because
of that very bug (and the non-usability of Gnome and lack of stability of KDE)
: basically, standard window-tiling does not work with XFCE because of that,
period ; or, that's the way they perceived it; they did not even go down to
this hard-to-find bug report.

They are now a ten-guys team and growing. and I am sure hundreds have left at
least XFCE just because of that silly sandstone. We could just as well break
Ctrl+F4, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, just to marginalize Linux a bit further ; I am sure
Microsoft would love it.

So, please stop discussing and fix it either way, plus include default
customization for tiling : Super+Left, etc There are hundreds of users at
stake, no kidding.

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