--- Comment #57 from Andre Miranda <> ---
What we have here is dilemma: the technical side that claims super key is a
only modifier key, but open to please users if it can be done cleanly, without
hacks. On the other hand, many users coming from Windows (including myself)
frown upon this limitation and refuse get used to new shortcuts. The ksuperkey
author summarizes why he created it and provides some reasons why the problem
exists in first place:
It's interesting to learn that KDE3 had a special handling for super key but
was removed "because it was a hack and quite broken".

In the next days, I hope to survey other DEs to check if they have any special
handling for super key and how they accomplish it. But don't hold your breath
waiting for me, anyone is free to propose different solutions (BIG's patch
works well, but once xfsettings grabs super key, xfwm4 will not receive any
events for bindings that use it as modifier). Meanwhile users should consider
ksuperkey (or xcape itself).

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