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> <rant mode>

Please, this is bugzilla, not your favorite social network, rants do not belong
to bugzilla.

> This "odd" behavior is one of the top complaints I receive from users new to
> Xfce and I myself am still very annoyed by it after all these years,
> devising key combinations with ctrl|shift|alt that don't conflict with apps
> is a PITA. The bottom line is: Super is not an ordinary modifier, anyone who
> has ever used another desktop environment (Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, Windows...)
> expects Super alone to invoke an app launcher and a combination of it plus
> other keys to (usually) manage windows (show desktop, tiling, etc).
> </rant mode>

The Super key has its own special treatment in mutter [1] (the “overlay” key),
it's not a regular all-purpose key, not even in GNOME... There is no point in
assigning Super for any special purpose in xfce.


> @Olivier, I agree that handling keys on release would not help, in fact some
> use cases (e.g. alt+tab) would be affected. Is there any reason why xfwm4
> has its own keys grabbing/handling? Historical or to not depend upon
> xfsettingsd? Since you're the X11 expert around and xfwm4's maintainer, do
> you happen to think of any way to get around the key grab limitation?

Keyboard events are routed to the window with keyboard input focus, meaning
that the window manager must acquire a grab on its own if it ever wants to
receive the keyboard events for its own use (i.e. its own keyboard shortcuts).

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