Hopefully 3rd time lucky (sorry Roman)

I've done some more testing. The flashing I was seeing with Xserver
1.19.5 goes away when I use egl rather then glx with Kwin - I won't be
using egl in any of the next tests

When I use Xserver 1.20 RC4 with Intel/AMDPGU DDXs Kwin doesn't start
- the X server is running (I'm attaching logs) - that's the case
whether compositing is enabled or not in Kwin

With the modesetting driver, Kwin launches with compositing enabled or
disabled. However the lockups in plasmashell are still present. These
happen with compositing enabled or disabled too. Simplest way to
reproduce - press the start button multiple times until it locks up
(usually within 4 times) - leaving it overnight, it seems to have
unlocked itself. Alternatively "killall -9 plasmashell && sleep 1 &&
plasmashell" sorts it from "Alt + F2". I've attached the journal again
just after a freeze (journalctl.freeze in the next email)



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