The journal.freeze I mentioned but was too big to attach

On 11 April 2018 at 22:53, Mike Lothian <> wrote:
> Hi
> Hopefully 3rd time lucky (sorry Roman)
> I've done some more testing. The flashing I was seeing with Xserver
> 1.19.5 goes away when I use egl rather then glx with Kwin - I won't be
> using egl in any of the next tests
> When I use Xserver 1.20 RC4 with Intel/AMDPGU DDXs Kwin doesn't start
> - the X server is running (I'm attaching logs) - that's the case
> whether compositing is enabled or not in Kwin
> With the modesetting driver, Kwin launches with compositing enabled or
> disabled. However the lockups in plasmashell are still present. These
> happen with compositing enabled or disabled too. Simplest way to
> reproduce - press the start button multiple times until it locks up
> (usually within 4 times) - leaving it overnight, it seems to have
> unlocked itself. Alternatively "killall -9 plasmashell && sleep 1 &&
> plasmashell" sorts it from "Alt + F2". I've attached the journal again
> just after a freeze (journalctl.freeze in the next email)
> Cheers
> Mike

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