Le 18/09/2016 à 04:48, Lee Gold a écrit :
using 16.04

i have a usb device, it's a camera SD type card plugged into a card
reading usb device. One partition and one SD "chip" but three identical
icons for it appear on the desktop. Otherwise it seems to work OK. If I
unmount via any one icon they all dissappear/unmount. Wondered if
there's any fix? The SD is formated to FAT32. Never happened before. The
reader is an old weird brand I've never heard of. Thanks.

How many slots do you have on your card reading usb device?

You should have one disk icon for each of them.
Unmounting one stops the card reader and unmount the other slots.

I had this behavior on all my Ubuntu distro.
I swapped to Linux Mint Sarah and this behavior disappeared : only one icon.
This may be a fix.

Have a nice day.

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