Can anyone recommend a music player with the following properties:-

    Can select and play direct from folders (and probably files), i.e.
    highlight a folder and play its contents.  No requirement to copy
    to playlist or anything like that.

    Doesn't require double-click (or at least has keyboard
    alternative) to play.  I.e.  I can highlight and *play* something
    without having to double-click.

If it has other abilities (i.e. video, internet radio, etc.) then
that's fine but they're not necessary.  

This is to use on a laptop where double-clicking (for me anyway) is
awkward.  On my desktop I have a dedicated mouse button for double
clicking but this isn't possible on the laptop.

A program which 'imports' my music folder (with its deep hierarchy of
organisation as *I* want it) and allows me to play from this imported
layout is fine.  However most programs seem to think that flattening
the hierarchy is the thing to do, not for me.

Chris Green

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