On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 11:34:45AM -0500, Rog wrote:
>    IF you are opening files/folders from the desktop, you can turn-on
>    one-click:
>      * Right-click on a blank area of the desktop
>      * Select Desktop Settings
>      * Click on the Icons tab
>      * Tick the box for Single Click to activate items
Yes, I know this, I have this setting already in thunar.

>    Similar approaches can be taken in file browsers by changing
>    appropriate options.

I wish I know how then as I can't see any option like this in the VLC
or Clementine file browsers.

>    I prefer to open a music player, e.g., VLC. Navigate to the appropriate
>    folder. Select items and add them to a play list.

But why?  I.e. why add the extra action?  What you do (I assume) is as

    Select file/folder in file browser
    Add to playlist
    Hit the play button

Why isn't it possible (and *normal* even) to do:-

    Select file/folder in file browser
    Hit the play button

Chris Green

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