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On 11/23/22 00:11, Lasse Collin wrote:
On 2022-11-22 Sebastian Andrzej Siewior wrote:
This looks like it is staticaly linked against liblzma.

The shared libs in Debian seem to be correct as you managed to answer
right before my email. Thanks! :-) But the above comment made me look at
Debian's liblzma.a. The output of

     readelf -aW usr/lib/ia64-linux-gnu/liblzma.a

includes the following two lines in both 5.2.7 and 5.3.4alpha:

     Unwind section '.IA_64.unwind' at offset 0x2000 contains 15 entries:
     <lzma_get_progress@XZ_5.2.2>: [0x1980-0x1a50], info at +0x108

I guess the additional unwind section breaks your workaround, so the best might
be to just disable this workaround on ia64 using the configure flag, no?

There are no older versions on the mirror so I didn't check what
pre-5.2.7 would have. But .IA_64.unwind is a ia64-specific thing.

Older versions are available through Debian Snapshots:


Many other functions are listed in those .IA_64.unwind
sections too but lzma_get_progress is the only one that has "@XZ"
as part of the function name.

Hmm, that definitely seems the problem. Could it be that the symbols
that are exported on ia64 need some additional naming?

I don't understand these details but I wanted let you know anyway in
case it isn't a coincidence why lzma_get_progress appears in a special
form in both liblzma.a and in the linker error messages. The error has
@@XZ_5.2 (which even 5.2.0 has in shared liblzma.so.5) but here the
static lib has @XZ_5.2.2 which exists solely for CentOS 7 compatibility.

I think we can waive for CentOS 7 compatibility on Debian unstable ia64 ;-).

Let me CC Sergei Trofimovich from Gentoo who has a more in-depth knowledge
on the ia64 architecture.


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