Dne 19.9.2016 v 11:16 Stefan Hundhammer napsal(a):
> We are all grown-ups. We all share responsibility for our subsystem. If we 
> can't
> trust our own people, we have a problem.

No, it's not about trust or unexperienced developers. It about avoiding accident
mistakes (typos on command line, overlooking, etc...). I believe everybody 
makes some
mistakes from time to time (removing a wrong file, overwriting your changes, 
it's a kind of safety belt. Just like you should not work as root all the
time even if you are a Linux master...

> Don't overengineer stuff just because a tools offers you the possibility to 
> do that.
> Just last week I needed to force-push yast2-storage to master, for example, 
> after
> Josef had explained to me why we don't want to cherry-pick single commits 
> from the
> SLE-12-SP2 branch to master.

That's why I proposed to use this feature only for the old maintenance branches,
master would be too strict probably, I agree with your point.

> Why would we want to take away this possibility to fix things? I don't see a 
> real
> benefit.

No, I do not want to block real fixes, I want to avoid possible accidental 
If there is a real need to do a fix in a protected branch we can still 
disable this feature.

As already proposed, let's try it few repositories and see how it works for us. 
If we
find it annoying (disabling too often) we can disable it and stop using it.

But for me it rather looks like a nice and potentially useful feature worth of 

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