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I am a relatively new apple user, so please forgive my ignorance, but the recently posted 'script to pipe multiple Mail message to Yojimbo' is a script that I could really use. Can someone advise the best way to setup this script to run from mail?

Hi, John. If you've never used AppleScript before, this is a good way to start.

1. Find the application Script Editor inside the Applescript Folder in your Applications folder. Double click on it and it will open a new blank script. 2. Second, open the email containing the script. I'm enclosing a slightly updated version below, so you can just use this one.
Copy and past the script from this message into the script editor.
3. Hit the button at the top that says "Compile." It looks like a hammer If there are is an error message at this point, you may not have copied the entire script, or you may have included a non-script piece from this message. 4. Save the script to your desktop under any descriptive name you like, such as PipeMailtoYojimbo.scpt. Save as file format "Script." You will put it someplace else later.
5. Now open Yojimbo.
6. Switch to a message list view for any mailbox in Mail and select one or more messages
7. Press the "Run" button  in the Script Editor window.

If everything works, you should see the new messages appear in Yojimbo.

Now you have to save the script someplace. Sherman had one suggestion: the Scripts folder inside the Library in your "home folder." This is the one with a little "house" icon and your user name. . However I put my scripts, or copies of them, in a separate folder in my Documents folder, because I am more likely to back that up.

How can you trigger the script? Sherman uses Mail Act On. I use a utility called "iKey" which does many other things besides run scripts; that way I can keep all my shortcuts together. Many people use the free utility "FastScriptsLite" which you can find by a Google search. I don't have any experience with FastScriptsLite, but I'd try it first.

Good luck!

Steve Samuels

Script Follows below next line:

(* Script to pipe selected Apple Mail messages to Yojimbo notes, with dates sent, names, & tags
Version 13

This script will:
1. Pipe selected multiple selected messages from Apple Mail to Yojimbo notes. 2. Put the date sent (yyyy/mm/dd) & name or address of sender or recipient into Comments
3. Add tags "email" and either "in" or "out"

After running the script, a comment will look like:

2007/04/08 <: NYTimes.com  (an incoming message)
2007/04/09 >: Sam             (an outgoing message)

Sorting on the Comments column will sort on date.

Note: If an account has been deleted, all messages to and from it will be classified as incoming. For proper classification, create a dummy version of the account and disable it. Only the email address need be correct; the server settings are irrelevant.

Based on MailtoYojimbo Applescript by Jim Correia of Bare Bones Software Originally posted in the Yojimbo Talk Forum: http:// www.listsearch.com/Yojimbo/Message/index.lasso?2169

The error dialog was copied from MailToYojimbo-v1.1 by Drummond Field, posted at: http://www.hawkwings.net/2007/02/05/email-to-yojimbo-script-with- pdf-support
  (Drummond's fine script will prompt for tags & is very customizable.)

   Steve Samuels

--Set up a function to generate the body of the message

on generateMessageText(m)
tell application "Mail"
set _sender to sender of m
set _subject to subject of m
set _date to date received of m as string
set _contents to content of m
set _messageString to "From: " & _sender & return
set _messageString to _messageString & "Subject: " & _subject & return
set _messageString to _messageString & "Date: " & _date & return
set _messageString to _messageString & return & return & _contents
end tell

end generateMessageText

--Set up a second function to pass a variable which indicates whether I sent the message or not
on CountSent(m)
tell application "Mail"
set _sender to sender of m
set _saddr to extract address from _sender
set _ctsent to 0 as integer
repeat with _acct in accounts
if email addresses of _acct contains _saddr then
set _ctsent to _ctsent + 1 as integer
-- _ctsent counts the number of times the sender's address matches one of mine
-- At the end of the function, the value of _ctsent will be 0 or 1
end if
end repeat
end tell
return _ctsent
end CountSent

--Main Program
on run
tell application "Mail"
tell message viewer 1
set messageList to selected messages
if not (exists selected messages) then
display dialog "No message was selected" & return & "Transfer cancelled." with title "Error..." giving up after 3 with icon 0 buttons {"Ok"}
end if
--Now loop through messages
repeat with m in messageList
set _contents to ""
set _date to ""
set _sender to ""

--Classify message as incoming or outgoing
set _count to my CountSent(m) as integer
if _count is 1 then
set _type to "outgoing"
set _type to "incoming"
end if

set _name to subject of m
set _contents to _contents & my generateMessageText(m)

--Set up date sent
set _date to date sent of m
set _yr to year of _date as string
set _month to month of _date as number

--Force month to format 'mm'
set _smon to _month as string
if _month < 10 then
set _smon to "0" & _smon
end if

--Force day to format 'dd'
set _day to day of _date as string
if day of _date < 10 then
set _day to "0" & _day
end if

-- Create date sent  with yyyy/mm/dd format
set _datef to _yr & "/" & _smon & "/" & _day

--Get sender's name or address
set _sender to sender of m
set _ssender to extract name from _sender
--If there is no name, _ssender defaults to the address

--If the message was received, set the name to the sender and a tag variable to "in"
if _type is "incoming" then
set _person to "<: " & _ssender
set _tag to "in" as string
end if

--If the message was sent, get the first recipient's name, if available, otherwise the address
if _type is "outgoing" then
set theRecipients to to recipients of m
if (exists name of item 1 of theRecipients) then
set _pers to name of item 1 of theRecipients
set _person to ">: " & _pers
set _addr to address of item 1 of theRecipients
set _person to ">: " & _addr
end if
set _tag to "out" as string
end if

---Now set up the note with body, comments, and tags.
tell application "Yojimbo"
set aNewNoteItem to make new note item with properties {contents:_contents, name:_name, comments:_datef & " " & _person}
add tags {"email", _tag} to aNewNoteItem
end tell

end repeat
end tell
end tell
end run

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