As you have probably figured out by now there is a million ways to do things on a Mac. What I offer you is very basic and I am sure others may have a better way to perform the same functions but here is how I used the Mail to Yojimbo script you refer to:

If you are not familiar with scripting on the Mac there is usually a folder installed in Applications called Applescript. Inside you will find two applications Applescript Utility and Script Editor.

FIrst open Applescript Utility, check the box next to Show Script Menu in menu bar then quit the application. At the top of your screen somewhere on the right you will see an 'S' or scroll looking icon. If you click on that icon you will see various items including Mail Scripts. Inside Mail Scripts are a number of pre-compiled scripts you may be interested in but the new one will not be there until you perform the following.

In the Applescript Folder open the Script Editor application. Once opened you will see a blank window that will accept the text of your script. Now go back to the email containing the script you desire and copy the text of the script. This would be everything below the credits and paste the copied text into the Script Editor window. Once pasted into the Script Editor you will select Compile. Mere moments later the text in the window will change into a compiled Applescript but it still is not ready to use. The next step is to save the compiled script by going to FILE -> SAVE AS and this is were it gets slightly tricky. First select a name for your script, maybe MAIL TO YOJIMBO or something. You will then navigate to the proper storage location. So as an example, if your hard drive name is the default you would navigate Macintosh HD -> Library folder -> Scripts folder - > Mail Scripts folder and drop it to speak. Quit Script Editor and Open Mail.

Once Mail is open select the message(s) you want to send to Yojimbo. Click of the 'S' (scroll) in the Menu bar -> select Mail Scripts -> select MAIL TO YOJIMBO and the process is done. Look in Yojimbo and you will see your email in the Library.

Hopefully this was the info you were after. As I said there are a million ways to do things on the mac and this is just one.


On Apr 8, 2007, at 1:13 PM, John Hawkins wrote:

I am a relatively new apple user, so please forgive my ignorance, but the recently posted 'script to pipe multiple Mail message to Yojimbo' is a script that I could really use. Can someone advise the best way to setup this script to run from mail?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice that you can provide.


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