On 11.12.2007, at 12:54, Dennis Bretz wrote:
Here's my question about Yojiimbo. If I'm understanding right, there's essentially only one database for the Yojimbo application. Even if I want to use Yojimbo to "catalog" stuff for several very different things, they will all be together when I open Yojimbo. However, I can tag them separately to differentiate them. Are there other ways that I can keep the various mutually exclusive parts of my life apart in Yojimbo?

No matter what you use (collections, tags, labels): everything ends up in your one and only library. All that Yojimbo offers is different views, not separation of data.

You can use collections to logically separate items. But collections are not very useful if you use the quick input panel a lot. As you said, you can use tags. Neither way provides real separation of data.


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