Here's my question about Yojiimbo. If I'm understanding right, there's essentially only one database for the Yojimbo application. Even if I want to use Yojimbo to "catalog" stuff for several very different things, they will all be together when I open Yojimbo. However, I can tag them separately to differentiate them. Are there other ways that I can keep the various mutually exclusive parts of my life apart in Yojimbo?

I've never managed to make any part of my life exclusive from any other part. :-)

If I'm surfing the web, and I find something related to work, I don't ignore it: I stuff it in Yojimbo for attention when I'm back on the clock. Likewise, if I'm at work, and somebody mentions a great movie I should see, I don't tune it out: I Yojimbo it.

One of the design principles behind Yojimbo was that you shouldn't have to switch "modes" (or documents) in order to enter data. In my opinion, having to decide which Library to put something in is too much decision making up front, and it reduces the chance you'll put the information into _any_ Library.

Tags are one way to let you split information up, and because tags add information to an item instead of segregating items off into separate compartments, you don't incur the "Where did I file that?" cost when you want to find an item again.

Collections are another collating mechanism, but depending on how you enter information, they can be awkward to use efficiently.

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