Apologies in advance for the length of this email, but my story cannot
be told in brief.

Ever since the 1.5 upgrade, my synced YJ libraries have been a
trainwreck, and as of yet, I have had no luck getting BB support to
give me a useful answer on how to fix it. No offense to them intended,
and they may well be working on the solution as I write this, but I
thought posting to the list may help. I have been unsynced for going
on a week now, and completely frustrated.

Here is the situation. I have 5 machines that sync over dotmac, 3 of
which sync a YJ db: a BlackBook running Leopard, a G5 running Leopard,
and a G5 running Tiger. Of the three, only my laptop has a working,
full YJ db; the other two are empty, save the "Welcome to Yojimbo"
note that, friendly as it is, I am sick to death of seeing, its
continuing presence signifying my ongoing syncing nightmare.

I'm not sure what exactly went wrong in the first place, but I suspect
it had something to do with the YJ library upgrade mandated by version
1.5 happening at the same time that an automatic sync was taking
place. Whatever the cause, what I ended up with was a syncing error
across all three machines that would not go away. Fortunately, the
library on my laptop is current and intact, so I have not lost any

I have had a similar problem before, and appealed to support for
assistance. They sent me a detailed set of instructions for fixing the
problem, which did work each previous time around. The solution then
was to 1) backup my main library, 2) Delete libraries and caches from
all other machines, 3) halt synchronization and delete local sync data
from all machines 4) Reset dotmac syncing 5) Sync each machine,
merging all data.

This time around, this procedure did not work. I have applied the
appropriate set of steps to each of my machines, multiple times over,
to no avail. I have also tried unregistering and re-registering each
machine, replacing data from the good machine to dotmac, and replacing
the data on the bad machines from dotmac. Still, no dice.

When I sync now, whether automatically or manually, the machines go
thru the motions of a sync, even warning me about a greater than 50%
change to the library (at least in the beginning, when the sync state
has been reset), but even then, no items are added to the empty
libraries. (It may or may not be useful to know that all other dotmac
data is consistent and up-to-date across all 5 machines.)

Since I have one intact library, and two empty ones, it seems to me
that it SHOULD be easy enough to trick the bad machines into thinking
that they have never had YJ installed on them, and sync as new from
the good machine thru dotmac. At one point these machines had never
seen YJ, so I can't see why they can't be restored to a virgin YJ
state again.

Does anyone here have any suggestions on how to proceed?

Thanks in advance for any advice,
At Wits End
Cambridge, MA

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