On 2/14/08, Rhet Turnbull <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Curious, why is this bad?
> 1. Backup...the entire DB file (mine is hundreds of MB) needs to be
>  backed up.  I backup everyday, both to external drive and offsite.
>  That means the large Yojimbo file needs to be backed up every day,
>  taking up unnecessary bandwidth and disk space.
>  2. Data integrity...if the database file gets corrupted, you could
>  lose all your data instead of only 1 item.  The Yojimbo competitor
>  Together (http://reinventedsoftware.com/together/) does it this way,
>  storing each record in a separate file.

It also, I would assume, is why .Mac fails to sync Yojimbo so often.
Instead of syncing 1,000 small files, it is trying to sync one
monolithic DB.  I can't get it to work with .Mac or SyncTogether's
latest beta.

>  Contrast the way that Microsoft Outlook (not sure about Entourage) and
>  Mail.app store mail messages.  Outlook puts everything in a single
>  database file.  Mail.app stores each message in a separate file (but
>  utilizes a database file for indexing). I have 3GB of email which
>  means that Outlook would require backing up a 3GB file wheres for
>  Mail.app, I only need to backup the new message files and the small
>  index file.

Um... are you sure about Outlook?  I know it didn't used to be that
way, as I would routinely have to make sure that the Outlook PST
stayed below 2gb.

Entourage doesn't store a single email per file.  It too uses the same
Huge Database Concept.

>  > Hmmm, I would always be skeptical of a backup solution that runs
>  >  on live data.
> I would never use a backup solution that didn't run on live data.
>  Thankfully the days of "they system is down for backup" are long gone.
>  Whether I use Time Machine or I use Super Duper or Chronosync or
>  something else, I'm certainly not about to take my machine offline or
>  logout to do the backup.

I certainly wouldn't be using Yojimbo or any other DB app while
SuperDuper et al are running.  Sure it might not throw an error but
you still risk problems.

I run SuperDuper at night when I go to bed and then have it
shutdown/sleep the computer.  I quit all my running apps except SD!


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