Rhet Turnbull <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 08-02-14 15.58

I would never use a backup solution that didn't run on live data.
Thankfully the days of "they system is down for backup" are long gone.
Whether I use Time Machine or I use Super Duper or Chronosync or
something else, I'm certainly not about to take my machine offline or
logout to do the backup.

Your misunderstanding me, if you run a backup on a programs data file (without the applications talking to each other) you always run the risk of inconsistent data (unless you have a filesystem that does some fancy stuff). For example, if you have an application with several files that in some way depend on each other - for example a database that store data as individual files and then have an index file to keep track of them - there is always the chance that the backup is done between the modification of the individual files which would make the data in the backup inconsistent.

So while I'm running TM for my whole disk, I'm also running a second program for applications that is constantly running like my email program.

Jan Erik Moström, www.mostrom.pp.se

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