Knight Tiger wrote:
> Fredrik,
>                  Thank you ! I am able to start the proxy server and I can
> make calls (!) using UDP. I have two users and they work beautifully.
> Now, I would like to set up the TLS so that I could encrypt signaling. So I
> create a CA and have the CA generate one cert.comb for server and one for
> the user. (I want to test REGISTER first).

The user certificate (I'm assuming it's a TLS client certificate) 
shouldn't mess anything up, but you can't have YXA authenticate the user 
  by looking at the certificate.

> I am using MiniSIP for the client (running in windows). So I add CA to the
> set of CAs. I add the user cert and the user private key for the Minisip
> client. On the server, I have one cert.comb in /usr/local/etc/yxa/cert.comb
> and another at /usr/local/etc/cert.comb. They are the same cert.comb files
> (one for acting as server and one acting as client) and I start incoming
> proxy. But incoming proxy says that error in SSL. I am using TLSv1 and I
> would like to know if the procedure is correct.

Well, you're not giving any details about your configuration and you're 
not showing the error message. Therefor I can't possibly answer your 
question. Make sure you read about ALL the available configuration 
parameters in the YXA README file, and the rest of that file too - that 
might make you able to solve the problem yourself.

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