Vance Shipley wrote:
> Folks,
> Attached are patches to HEAD which clean up application packaging.
> A new library application named "yxa" is created and included in
> the other application specifications.  The lists of modules and
> registered processes has been updated.  Changed *.rel to *.rel-in
> and generate release files with correct versions.
> The .beam and .app files are built into a new ../ebin directory.


My apologies for not getting around to looking at this sooner, and also 
for not being able to look at it again until after the christmas holidays.

A couple of questions :

1. What is the purpose of these patches? I'm guessing that what you want
    to do is being able to include the 'yxa' application elsewhere?

2. Can VSN's be of the form 1.0pre1? PACKAGE_VERSION have at least in
    the past been set to such things

3. The patch of yaws/src/yxa_yaws_util.erl seems out of context, and
    also incorrect?

4. Why does the have "{included_applications, [yxa]}"
    commented out? Mistake or something making it special?

5. Is there a point in changing the order of the SUBDIRS in
    src/ from their current alphabetic order?

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