Vance Shipley wrote:
> Folks,
> Attached are patches to HEAD which clean up application packaging.
> A new library application named "yxa" is created and included in
> the other application specifications.  The lists of modules and
> registered processes has been updated.  Changed *.rel to *.rel-in
> and generate release files with correct versions.
> The .beam and .app files are built into a new ../ebin directory.

This looks cool, thanks for obviously putting a lot of effort into it.

I'm trying to incorporate your changes as well as trying to understand 
what this "changes" for me - what do I have to learn or do continuously 
to not break this stuff that I won't really use myself?

I need your help with three things, well one in particular. 
is missing and I don't know everything that has to go in it so I can't 
fix it (and know that I've done it right) myself.

Also, I now get warnings about the yxa_app behavior being undefined 
(R11B-2 compiler), and I'm wondering why you changed the descriptions in 
the rel-files. It is not correct to label the incomingproxy a SIP 
registrar. Can we use for example

   {"YXA incomingproxy", "YXA-incomingproxy-%VERSION%"}

instead (also changing description in the app-file for incomingproxy to 
"YXA incomingproxy" for consistency)?

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