Try Audacity to record it and LP ripper to tidy it up and give it suitable track numbers, otherwise you will get one long track.
They do a great job, but boy do you have a few hours of work ahead!
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Picking up on a previous posting, in a fit of New Year's generosity, I
will shed my lurker's coat for a few moments to let y'all know that I
have five gmail accounts to share to the first five who respond to me
off-list - but read on first; there's a bit of a catch.

To make this posting at least someone relevant to this group's overall
thrust and mission, here's my dilemma: In the 1990s, I was actively
involved in *non-profit* trading of tapes of FZ concerts; between 1991
and 1997, I amassed approximately 1,600 hours' worth of FZ on tape,
before I eventually burned out on the whole thing. About 900 of these
tapes are properly labeled and have even been listened to, but I have
stacks of tapes collecting dust; since becoming someone's father, I
have simply not had the time to indulge in many of my past loves and

In any event, also contributing to the stagnation of my collecting was
that as new technologies emerged, I was a bit slow on the uptake. As
more and more folks began to talk about, and become increasingly
proficient at, trading CD-Rs and downloading mp3- and shn-files, I
fell farther and farther behind, not knowing what most of these things
are, let alone what they do and/or what's required to make them work

It wasn't until about two months ago that I finally acquired the
ability to burn CDs... and I have yet to do so. Thus, here's my
question: what would be the best way to transfer all these Maxell and
TDK tapes to CDs? By "best," I mean in what manner would I be able to
best preserve the integrity of the original recording? How would I go
about removing any annoying and/or distracting cuts and breaks in the
recordings? What would be the most economical way to transfer 1,600+
hours of tape onto CDs? What kinds of hardware and software would be
necessary to accomplish this?

Your expertise and willingness to share and educate a novice would be
most appreciated. As I said above, I have five gmail accounts with
1000 MBs of storage to disseminate, and would be very happy to dole
these out in exchange for your help. Please contact me off-list.

Many thanks and in the hope that peace will be restored before long, I
wish each and every one of you happy new year.


For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.

For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.

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