Hey Kids!
I think I'd like some opinions, if you'd be so kind.
Thanks to brother Bart, in Poland, I have sought out the recording of  801130, Des Moines, IA - billed as "The sickest songlist you've ever seen". It's a B- audience recording (and IMO that B- is kind; I'd rate it a C-). I intend to start a vine of this show...
Now I intend to rip this to my machine, and tweeze it for my own enjoyment. I believe that I can improve upon the overall quality; tho there are limits to what you can do, of course (a polished turd is still a turd - FZ). My question to all of you out there: would you rather have a copy warts and all, or would you rather have a SOFA tweezed copy?
PLEASE! Don't bother to respond to this with "I want a copy when it's ready" - that is NOT part of the conversation right now. I wanna know if the collectors out there would rather mess with it themselves (if they mess with it at all), or listen to a "pure" artifact. I'd also love to know if a cleaner copy of this show exists, but I kinda doubt it.
For example: the Illinois Enema Bandit encore on my copies does not include Sweet Lelani - it cuts off just as the solo starts to roll. And - I think - it's Pick Me I'm Clean that has a nasty warble, until the song finally just cuts out. I would replace these with (god forbid) tracks from around the same time... I wanna seriously mess with this mofo; because right now, I find it damn near unlistenable. But that's me. I really wanna know what you guys think. Because I will gladly pass on this turd as it sits...
Let the debate begin...

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