I've got burnatonce on my drive as a result of your having recommending it previously. But I've never been able to get it to work. I'll have to try again, as I've got to get these damn discs burned and on their way.
Mr. Skull
I can’t be of much help as I haven’t used Nero for some time now. I can offer a free alternative that a lot of folks are using now with no problems. They say it’s not compatible with all drives but I’ve not found anyone yet that’s had a problem if they are using 2000 or XP. Here’s a little quick start guide with a link for downloading the software. It’s called Burnatonce and it uses CDRDAO. If you set it like this it always burns DAO and never creates gaps.


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Thanks for the help. I did as you suggested, and yet the problem still persists.


Mr. Skull

Go to My Computer/ c drive

Documents and settings/your folder which relates to your computer name or user 


Then Temp


Theres where NERO Puts the nero temp files as default


in there you will have the full files from the discs you have burned, they should usually delete automatically after a sucessful burn!


Delete them



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