Personally I don’t mind a delay. Especially if the person sends a post to the list explaining it. It’s the vines that just stop. I really don’t know were all this has happened. Ok I think I know about a couple of recent ones. I just know that out of the several vines I’ve started over the last 6 to 12 months only one or two seem to have completed to the point that someone posts a message saying they were last. I’ve never even been affected much by diapering vines because I seldom sign up to receive one. More often it’s just that I’ve acquired something that I think is more than worth sharing and so I start one.   


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I've made it a point to let the group know when I have a delay, which is too frequently I'm sorry to say. If my pc dies, I go to the library and use one of their computers to let the group know I'm on a temporary hiatus.


Mr. Skull

I think we know where the vines are and who kills them. The point is what action can be taken. You have to be seen to be fair, as we all have life difficulties from time to time. It shouldn't be a problem to let the list know your going to cause a delay...unless your pc dies...then what?

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