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Hey Kids!
In my conversation with white rabbitt the other day, he mentioned that
he had received the Flo & Eddie vine (76 & 79, I think?). He was
uncertain who to send it to next.
I tracked down this lineage - but I know there have been some changes:

Chris US << Bart << mr. skull << Richard-UK << Milhouse-US << white
rabbitt-US << Nick Ullmann-UK << Scott Burnett - US << Joseph-US

I believe everyone up to rabbitt has received the vine, including Nick
behind him. We've not heard from Scott Burnett in a while... My guess
would be that Joseph ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) should be next. Whomever
gets back to rabbitt ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) first with an addy
gets it, yes? Then on to Guy.
I think that's actually the lineage for the Fillmore 1970 + Harrisburg, PA 1974 vine, though. I never recieved (nor signed up for) the Flo and Eddie vine.

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