Received this one from Tom McHugh (Thanks Tom), but I'm confused on who this should go to next: Nick or Conehead (see below.) 
There appears to be two versions of this vine. 
Somebody help me!
From: "neil_hawkins2003" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Sun Oct 16, 2005  2:42 pm
Subject: Re: vine Discs 8 & 9
Another great offering, thanks. I'm in for this one

Tom McHugh - USA << Nokeating4 - USA <<<< Nick Ullmann - UK << Neil
(UK) <<

Thanks again
From: "Conehead" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Wed Nov 23, 2005  1:38 am
Subject: Re: New VO: FZ Related - Audio Discs 8/9 Flac Format(3 cds)
Hi Allan,
Hi members (in general),

thanks for watching out for the most recent message when replying,
(in this here case: #11115, see below),
So, unless John wants to send out to Allan first, the vine should
currently be as follows:

<<John [EMAIL PROTECTED] US <<Conehead-BE << Neil (UK) << Allan-US

Thanks & Kind regards,


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