I gave it to you once, I can give it to you again...Here you go!
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Music is the Best: 26 Years of Conceptual Continuity (1962 - 1988)

CD1 (Total time: 78:38) FINAL
1) RAY COLLINS - Deseri (FZ on drums)
2) NED & NELDA - Hey Nelda (FZ co-songwriter, played most of the
3) NED & NELDA - Surf Along (FZ co-songwriter, played most of the
4) THE HOLLYWOOD PERSUADERS - Grunion Run (FZ songwriter, FZ on
guitars, bass & drums)
5) THE ROTATIONS - Heavies (FZ producer)
6) BURT WARD - Boy Wonder I Love You (FZ arranger, conductor, songwriter)
7) BURT WARD - Orange Colored Sky (FZ arranger, conductor)
8) Hungry Freaks Daddy (Mothermania version)
9) Who are the Brain Police? (Mothermania version)
10) How Could I Be Such a Fool? (45 version)
11) You Didn't Try To Call Me (Old Masters version)
12) You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here (Mothermania version)
13) Trouble Every Day (UK single version)
14) It Can't Happen Here (Mothermania version)
15) Call Any Vegetable (Mothermania version)
16) Why Don'tcha Do Me Right? (Trick or Treat LP version)
17) Remington Electric Razor radio spot
18) Who Needs the Peace Corps? (demo)
19) Mom and Dad (demo)
20) Harry, You're a Beast (demo)
21) What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? (demo)
22) The Idiot Bastard Son (Mothermania version)
23) Mother People (Mothermania version)
24) Lonely Little Girl (new version)
25) Lumpy Gravy Excerpt (Transparency edit)
26) Sink Trap (acetate)
27) Gypsy Airs (acetate)
28) Jelly Roll Gumdrop (45 version)
29) Stuff Up the Cracks (Old Masters version)

CD2 (Total time: 78:50) FINAL
1) My Guitar (Unedited single version)
2) Uncle Meat Radio Spot - Medley
3) Dog Breath (single version)
4) Mr. Green Genes (Old Masters version)
5) Hot Rats Radio Spot - Peaches en Regalia
6) Peaches en Regalia (Old Masters)
7) Willie the Pimp (Old Masters)
8) Son of Mr. Green Genes (Old Masters version)
9) Hot Rats Radio Spot - Little Umbrellas
10) Little Umbrellas (Old Masters version)
11) The Gumbo Variations (Old Masters version)
12) It Must Be a Camel (Old Masters version)
13) Hot Rats Radio Spot - The Gumbo Variations
14) Bognor Regis (outtake)
15) Theme from Burnt Weeny Sandwich (demo)
16) Do It Now Radio Spot - Suzie Speedfreak
17) Weasels Ripped My Flesh Radio Spot #3
18) Didja Get Any Onya? (Old Masters version)
19) Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask (Old
Masters version)
20) Weasels Ripped My Flesh Radio Spot #4
21) My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama (Old Masters version)

CD3 (Total time: 77:56) FINAL
1) Willie The Pimp, Pt 1 (live, import version, ends abruptly)
2) Tears Began to Fall (single version)
3) Junior Mintz Boogie
4) Willie the Pimp, Pt 2 (Old Masters version)
5) Studebaker Hoch / Don't Fuck Around (live, unedited, 8/7/71)
6) Just Another Unreleased Solo (live, 8/7/71)
7) Who Are The Brain Police (live, 11/1/71)
8) 1972 Voter Registration Spot
9) I'm the Slime (single version)
10) Apostrophe TV Commercial (audio track)
11) Uncle Remus (instrumental version)
12) Roxy DVD trailer (audio track)
13) Cheepnis (Discreet vinyl version)
14) Dog Meat (KCET remaster)
15) Montana (KCET remaster)
16) Duke Solo (KCET remaster)
17) Approximate (KCET remaster)
18) Cosmik Debris (KCET remaster)

CD4 (Total Time: 78:02) FINAL
1) Stinkfoot (KCET remaster)
2) Pygmy Twylyte (KCET remaster)
3) Inca Roads (KCET remaster)
4) Oh No (KCET remaster)
5) Son of Orange County (KCET remaster)
6) More Trouble Every Day (KCET remaster)
7) A Token of My Extreme Outro (KCET remaster)
8) Orange Claw Hammer (live 11/1/75)
9) 200Years Old (acetate)
10) Black Napkins (live 2/3/76, Osaka, Japan)
11) Ship Ahoy (live 2/3/76, Osaka, Japan)
12) Find Her Finer (Old Masters version)
13) Disco Boy (WB LP version)

CD5 (Total Time: 77:41) FINAL
1) Ms. Pinky (WB LP version)
2) Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me (Discreet LP version)
3) The Illinois Enema Bandit (Discreet LP version)
4) Filthy Habits (Discreet LP version)
5) Flambe (Discreet LP version)
6) Spider of Destiny (Discreet LP version)
7) Peaches en Regalia (live, Saturday Night Live, 12/11/76)
8) Baby Snakes Trailer (audio track - Baby Snakes DVD)
9) Broken Hearts are for Assholes (live, Baby Snakes DVD)
10) Camarillo Brillo (live, Baby Snakes DVD)
11) Muffin Man (live, Baby Snakes DVD)
12) San Ber'Dino (live, Baby Snakes DVD)
13) Yo Mama (live, 2/15/78)
14) Baby Snakes (live, 2/25/78)
15) Watermelon in Easter Hay (live, 2/25/78)

CD6 (Total Time: 78:24) FINAL
1) Packard Goose (rehearsal, 8/16/78)
2) I Have Been in You (live, 9/21/78)
3) Flakes (live, 9/21/78)
4) Dancin' Fool (live, Saturday Night Live, 10/21/78)
5) Ancient Armaments (live, 10/31/78, single version)
6) Don't Eat the Yellow Snow (YCDTOSA vol. 1, live, 2/18/79)
7) Nanook Rubs It (YCDTOSA vol. 1, live edit, 2/18/79)
8) St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast (YCDTOSA vol. 1, live, 2/18/79)
9) Father O'Blivion (YCDTOSA vol. 1, live, 2/18/79)
10) Rollo (YCDTOSA vol. 1, live, 2/18/79)
11) Dead Girls of London (original version with Van Morrison on vocals)
12) I Don't Wanna Get Drafted (single version)
13) Fine Girl (Crush All Boxes version)
14) Easy Meat (Crush All Boxes version)
15) For the Young Sophisticate (LP version)
16) Pick Me I'm Clean (LP version)
17) Dumb All Over (LP version)

CD7 (Total Time: 79:21) FINAL
1) Pop Medley (rehearsal excerpt, 2/9/80)
2) Valley Girl (12" version)
3) Cocaine Decisions (LP version)
4) The Dangerous Kitchen (LP version)
5) Stick Together (LP version)
6) Jazz Discharge Party Hats (LP version)
7) Falling in Love is a Stupid Habit (demo for Jimmy Carl Black)
8) Strictly Genteel (live, 10/31/81)
9) What's New in Baltimore (unedited version)
10) We're Turning Again (live, 12/11/81)
11) Won Ton On
12) He's So Gay (12" version)
13) Interview
14) In France (live 7/22/84, with George Duke and Johnny `Guitar' Watson)
15) Sharleena (Guitar Player flexi-disc, live 12/23/84, with Dweezil)
16) Lumpy Gravy Excerpt (OM1 sampler)
17) The Black Page #1 (Keyboard Magazine flexi-disc)
18) While You Were Art I (Mystery Box)

CD8 (Total Time: 79:36) FINAL
1) Excerpt from Revised Music for Guitar & Low Budget Symphony
Orchestra (Guitar World cassette)
2) Things That Look Like Meat (Guitar World cassette)
3) A Solo from Heidelberg (Guitar World cassette)
4) A Solo from Cologne (Guitar World cassette)
5) Video From Hell intro
6) Confinement Loaf (LP only intro to "Dickie's Such an Asshole")
7) Murder by Numbers (unedited live version, 3/3/88, with Sting)
8) America the Beautiful (live 3/9/88)
9) Packard Goose Medley (live 3/25/88, with the Long Island Ballet
10) Texas Motel Medley (live, 3/25/88)
11) Whipping Post (live 3/25/88, with Dweezil)
12) Bobby Brown (live 4/22/88 - `Ring of Fire' version)
13) Joe's Garage (live 4/22/88 - `Ring of Fire' version)
14) Why Does it Hurt When I Pee? (live 4/22/88 - `Ring of Fire' version)
15) Bolero (CD single version)
16) I am the Walrus (live 5/25/88)
17) The Untouchables (LP version)
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