Although your offer sounds fantastic, I would not add the DVD to this vine; 
this one is rather well(?) traveled and I don't think it is fair to those who 
came before you if they might be interested in the DVD you have.
Could you start a new vine with it please?
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Story (3 DVD)

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  > DVD)
  > Hello all --
  > I've been dormant for a while, and I'm about to make a
  > move to a suburb of Las Vegas (from Dallas).  I'll
  > move myself to the end of this line.  I'm still a
  > non-burner and would only watch.  Maybe I'll be
  > DVD-capable by then, and with a firm address.
  > still happy to be a member of this group,
  > jl
  > chrisforeman-USA << Tom [EMAIL PROTECTED] << Matt
  > brazilbyarybarroso@ << John K - USA NoKeating4@ <<
  > Randy-US << [EMAIL PROTECTED] << Rick Norris-USA <<
  > [EMAIL PROTECTED] USA << Joseph (US)

  I am ready to continue this and Rick Norris said "No thanks". I have an 
  e-mail out to Joseph (US) [EMAIL PROTECTED] for a mailing address.

  "Do you still want to and can you continue this vine? Please let me know.
  I will need an address.

  I was getting ready to start another 3 DVD vine. I could just pony it onto 
  this in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

  - Mondo Hollywood
  - Weasels Ripped My Flesh
  - Onward Christian Soldiers - documentary on the Zappa hated 
  tele-evangelists and their quest for political power and world domination."

  Is it okay to add stuff mid-vine?


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