I will try not to sound like I'm busting your chops, but...
Have you read the FAQ on how vines work here? The reason I ask is because of 
the above subject line - and then the message.
If you add yourself to a vine, fine; but the subject line of a Vine, should 
NEVER CHANGE. Ever. Period... It's the subject line [VO: Uncle Meat, Video From 
Hell & 200 Motels True Story (3 DVD) NTSC] that makes the vine searchable for 
new members/viners.
When you change the subject line, you screw up the whole process: your name 
doesn't get added to any searchable, official list, people respond to the 
message thinking that they're joining a vine when they aren't, any 'announce 
response' feature for the original poster or other recipients is negated. The 
subject line is sacred - unless your response creates an entirely new post. But 
changing the subject lie of a Vine Offer is a major No-No.
Bro, I want you to enjoy all the FZ music there is to share; but, Frankly, 
you're throwing a major spanner into the works. I should have spoken up sooner, 
as I noticed this a while ago, but I cannot keep up with all of the vine 
activity at this group. Everyone has to be responsible for reading the FAQ, 
understanding how vines work here, and staying within the prescribed parameters.
A think a fitting penance for your transgression is to search out this vine [by 
the subject line, and by group activity in the past month], and come up with a 
corrected / updated order. In doing so you will learn: a) how to add your name 
to a vine properly, and b) just how convoluted a vine can become when someone 
responds to a message and changes the subject line.
Or, you can exercise your right as a human, and say "fuck that, SOFA". The 
choice is yours...
The next post I see that is a response, but has a completely new subject line, 
will be dealt with much differently.
Warm Regards,

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  Subject: [Zappa-List] adding myself to 3 dvd vine--thanks

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  > Cyrano,
  > Although your offer sounds fantastic, I would not add the DVD to
  this vine; this one is rather well(?) traveled and I don't think it is
  fair to those who came before you if they might be interested in the
  DVD you have.
  > Could you start a new vine with it please?
  > Regards,
  > SOFA
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  Motels True Story (3 DVD)
  >   >    From: "abxer3p" [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  >   >    Date: Mon May 29, 2006 9:26pm(PDT)
  >   > Subject: Re: VO: Uncle Meat, Video From Hell & 200 Motels True
  Story (3 
  >   > DVD)
  >   >
  >   > Hello all --
  >   >
  >   > I've been dormant for a while, and I'm about to make a
  >   > move to a suburb of Las Vegas (from Dallas).  I'll
  >   > move myself to the end of this line.  I'm still a
  >   > non-burner and would only watch.  Maybe I'll be
  >   > DVD-capable by then, and with a firm address.
  >   >
  >   > still happy to be a member of this group,
  >   > jl
  >   >
  >   > chrisforeman-USA << Tom [EMAIL PROTECTED] << Matt
  >   > brazilbyarybarroso@ << John K - USA NoKeating4@ <<
  >   > Randy-US << cyrano@ << Rick Norris-USA <<
  >   > [EMAIL PROTECTED] USA << Joseph (US)
  >   > [EMAIL PROTECTED]<<<andy goldstein usa ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
  >   I am ready to continue this and Rick Norris said "No thanks". I
  have an 
  >   e-mail out to Joseph (US) [EMAIL PROTECTED] for a mailing address.
  >   "Do you still want to and can you continue this vine? Please let
  me know.
  >   I will need an address.
  >   I was getting ready to start another 3 DVD vine. I could just pony
  it onto 
  >   this in the spirit of Thanksgiving.
  >   - Mondo Hollywood
  >   - Weasels Ripped My Flesh
  >   - Onward Christian Soldiers - documentary on the Zappa hated 
  >   tele-evangelists and their quest for political power and world
  >   Is it okay to add stuff mid-vine?
  >   Cyrano

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