Ah well it all depends on what browser your using. The short answer is yes,
you need to download the live 365 player if you're using Internet Explorer.
With Firefox it asked me how to handle a PLS file. I tried Windows media
player with no luck. Then I tried Media Player Classic and that worked but
not as well as the Live 365 player. 

This is all new and different from how it used to work. Originally a small
browser window would open much like at Wolfgang's Vault no matter what
browser was used. I'm not sure this is a change for the better. The live 365
player is though and plays it well in IE. For best results in Firefox get
the IE 365 player and then get this handy plug in for Firefox.


It lets you render any page like IE does in Firefox. It even works at the
Microsoft update site. 



Jim L

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When you click on this link another window opens asking you to download some

kind of radio player.
Do you *have* to use this to listen or can you use windows media player or 
whatever ?


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