Thanks man, ill check out yamipod.

Have you ever tried rockbox? the idea behind it is not to be installed on
your pc and allow different communication with your ipod, rather, you
install it on the ipod iteslf! then, it allows you to browse through your
files ON the ipod. when you connect your ipod to the computer, you just get
a plain drive, where you can copy files to and from (no need to any
software!). Rockbox also has its own database where it lets you choose files
by their tags too. basically, its not iPod anymore, just the ipod machine!


you can also look around in youtube, you'll see some nice stuff

On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 7:00 AM, zav_sto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>   Shlomi:
> personally, i use rockbox ( on my ipod
> (instead of the horrible apple firmware)
> Bri:
> Agreed there, on iTunes. I hate any of that sh*t that is geared to
> connecting you to a web page so you can be separated from your money.
> I use yamipod ( with my iPod. It has a simple
> user interface, doesn't insinuate itself into your registry, and it
> even allows you to copy songs from iPod to computer (which I think
> iTunes doesn't allow). Works on all OS platforms. The main features
> are listed on their web page.

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