This List isn't dead, it just smells funny...
Your "question" as it wasn't, kinda puts you in a category. There seem to be 2 
different "camps"with regard to the early recordings and their subsequent 
remixes (and both can be quite rabid): those who prefer the former, and those 
who prefer the latter.
I actually like (and own) both, and cannot say that I prefer one over the other.
I know, a chumps way out, but it's true.

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From: Glen Young <>
Subject: Re: [Zappa-List] old Mothers albums mixes
Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 11:45 PM

This list is pretty much dead now Michael.I suggest you have a look at 
Zappateers,join up and post your question there.

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Does anyone know why the early Mothers of Invention albums (the first 3) have 
the bass and especially drums so low in the mix? I'm surprised these haven't 
been re-mixed by Joe Travers and Dweezil. I like the later 1984 mix of We're 
Only in it for the Money with Chad Wackerman on drums and Arthur Barrow on bass 
because the drums and bass are more prominent in the mix and other aspects of 
the songs seem to be remixed as well, enhancing the songs. 
-Michael Smith

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