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Powers of Tau Attestation

Gibson Ashpool


Purchased four core2duo PC's with cash from someone on Craigslist over a
year ago for another project but they have been collecting dust for
months now so figured they are good candidates for powers of tau. 

TAU machine specs:

Dell Optiplex 330

Intel Core2duo

2GB ddr2 Kensington RAM


To start preparing I wiped the HDD with DBAN eraser. Ran memtests via
live CD and then installed Lubuntu 16.04.

Ran following commands via terminal:

> sudo curl -sSF https://static.rust-lang.org/rustup.sh | sh

> sudo apt-get install git

I downloaded the challenge file on a seperate PC, then transferred the
challenge file to the compute PC via USB stick.

> git clone https://github.com/ebfull/powersoftau

Plugged in USB stick and copied challenge file into powersoftau directory

> cd powersoftau

> cargo run --release --bin compute

It ran for a short time then when prompted for entropy, added long
random string of text. I then asked my daughter to enter
random keys while I didnt look, to which she replied "Really? Just press
the keys?" and I replied "Press as many as you want, just
dont press the enter key" she then pressed random keys for about 15
seconds and when she was done I instructed her to hit the enter
key. I then turned back to the terminal to see "reading challenge into
memory, Computing, this could take awhile" in the terminal.
It was getting late so I put her to bed, grabbed a beer and watched TV,
checking back every 15mins or so.

Compute took almost 2hrs

Blake 2b

aa153027 a4ef067b 1a55af49 32cc3edc

a13f30cf 21060a95 6da09cd7 05e23ff9

68bb93fe 1022c5ab d45fb6ca 81796b22

23a57454 8363a070 5e3c8b5b 82f9b443

Copyed response file to USB stick and transferred to other PC, then
uploaded response file to AWS server

Powered down PC, removed two RAM sticks and HDD. Destroyed RAM and HDD
with power tools.

I then performed full format on USB stick.

Uploaded images of process to imgur https://imgur.com/a/O7i0L (bonus
points if you can spot stealth cat)


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