I completed the challenge using the code from the github repo: 
ebfull/powersoftau at commit: d47a1d3d1f007063cbcc35f1ab902601a8b3bd91

The computation was done on a machine disconnected from all networks. The 
output was:

The BLAKE2b hash of `./response` is:
683dda8e fddc1da5 3956102e 1f4ae4e3
f0d2ad92 9f8cc1d7 81db4d00 805b4c00
b59ec1e1 d8efe4d3 facc7d66 b8f06f48
96dd7042 8eaa71fb b5603829 67bf4045

I've also posted this hash on twitter: 

Chris Baynes

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