Thank you for coordinating all this!

I participated today (2/12/18) and my co-worker Will witnessed the
entire process. Our response is:
c13af4d4 477f66e7 53f25d51 1b6c4624
9f20f79a f63c20d8 c64e34c9 df90441b
0bf89ae2 8c05d71c 4ae9cb82 e0a3aa4d
41e99666 c54261a9 b0b75f6a 5c455436

1. We got a loaner MacBook Air from our employer. These machines are
wiped before every use.
2. Used the Rust code from https://github.com/ebfull/powersoftau
(d47a1d3d1f007063cbcc35f1ab902601a8b3bd91) with rustc version 1.23.0
(766bd11c8 2018-01-01).
3. Disabled wifi after installing the necessary tools.
4. Challenge blake2:
52db7b1d b9ad9990 43c1fe97 bd151cd8
f4910078 f531dc99 acdca8b6 36c74c5a
7605563b feda17ab 1e79b239 6dd0bde0
f6538184 eb8e5425 93232fe9 4820dcae
5. Response: see above
6. We used a USB drive to copy the response file and we manually
re-installed the OS once we were done. We returned the laptop so it
can be wiped again.

Finally, we published our response hash on our social media accounts.


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