Hi all,
   I am a fancy of zathura. After using this great pdf viewer for a long
   time, I found some problems.
   1. When I typed 'f' and then type the link number, I will be
   navigated to the position of the link. But how can I go back to the
   last position that I typed 'f'? This is the "Go back" function in
   other pdf viewer.
   2. I have found that the "select text" function won't work in my
   Archlinux, the text is not in the clipboard so that I can't paste to
   my editor. Now I just use the "xsel" togother with the "xclip" tool
   to send them into the clipboard. Although zathura says that the text
   have been in the clipboard, they are actually not there.

   Can you help me to solve this two problems? If they are not such two
   functions, I think I can contribute to the project. Thanks!
Yuanhang Zheng
Email: zheng...@gmail.com
Blog: en.zhengyuanhang.com
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